Trio Camino
After its successful debut in November 2012 in Tel Aviv, the Israeli – German Trio Camino proceeds a journey on the path between the worlds of traditional music of different countries and classical music.
The three musicians, educated in the Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler Berlin and UdK Berlin, have their centres of life in different cities – Berlin and Tel Aviv. For their creative work, they regularly overcome not only cultural and political, but also musical boundaries.
Their manifold concert programmes pay homage to original folklore but also show the further development of this musical heritage in the classical and contemporary music.

Miriam Erttmann – violin
Noa Figer Biran – clarinet
Katja Steinhäuser – piano


Studio recordings (excerpts)

José Bragato – Milontan

Dmitriy Varelas – Milonga

Carlos Gardel – Por una Cabeza

Live recordings (excerpts)

Dmitriy Varelas – Muerte del Tango

José Bragato – Chacarera


José Bragato – Chacarera
José Bragato – Milontan
Rodolfo Mederos – Memorias y Olvidos (1986)
Dmitriy Varelas – Hommage à Astor Piazzolla (2001): Muerte del Tango, Milonga
Pablo Ziegler – Milonga del Adios (2003)
Silvio Benfatto – Tango della Pioggia
Carlos Gardel – Por una Cabeza (1935)
Sebastian Piatti – Caserón de tejas (1941)
Angel Villoldo – El choclo (1903)